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The Time is Now…..

What is the purpose of sitting around waiting. The time to do something is now. It’s so easy to find ourselves in situations where miss out on opportunities because we are living every day beating ourselves up about experiences from the past that has no control over us or our destiny. We are allowing for … More


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Welcome to our blog site. Here we provide authentic conversation surrounded around topics that involve mental health and character development. Our platform is also a place for those that have a voice or message that they want to get out. Sometimes words spoken from others can have a larger impact on us instead of the words from those that our closest to us. Someones story can be inspiration for someones elses life, and thats what we are here to do. Spread the PEACE, LOVE, AND HAPPINESS!!!!!!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The T-time podcast has quickly became one of my favorites to listen to. I myself have battled with  depression and have dealt with a lot of the topics that he covers on his podcast. As men we tend to push how we feel and what we go through to the side and never express ourselves. But the T-time podcasts dispels the notion of men needing to hide or disregard their emotions. But don’t get it twisted because men, women, and children can all take away from tuning in. There’s never a dull moment when you tune in. There’s always a lesson, and your always gonna take away something from the podcast. It literally draws you in an makes you feel like your right there having the conversation with him and whoever the guests are on the show at the time. It’s literally part of my daily routine now to listen to the podcast. If you’re looking for unscripted real life, real talk definitely tune in to the T-time Podcast.

— Robert C.D

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